松澤 宥

Yutaka Matsuzawa



  • 1922

    2月2日、長野県諏訪郡下諏訪町 に生まれる。 
    Born in Shimosuwa, Nagano prefecture

  • 1943

     (Waseda Unviersity), the  Faculty of Science and Engineering, Architecture department.

  • 1949

    Became a night school math teacher at Suwa Vocational High school. Published 10 copies of the first poetry book ‘Chijo no Fumetsu’ (Immortality on the Earth).

  • 1951

    第一回RATIの会現代前衛芸術の夕(RATIの会主宰 関ホール、諏訪)
    With RATI group, organized an event with poetry reading, art exhibition, fashion show and performance.

  • 1952

    4th Yomiuri Independent exhibition.

  • 1955

    Received Fulbright exchange professorship at Wisconsin University, USA.

  • 1956

    Moved to Columbia University Graduate School in New York.

  • 1959

    Exhibited Psy Bird #1-9 at the 11th Yomiuri Independent exhibition.

  • 1959

     超現実絵画の展開展(東京国立近代美術館 東京)
    Artist Society of Matsumoto exhibition, Nagano

  • 1962

    第14回読売アンデパンダン展(東京都美術館 東京)のぞけプサイ亀
    The 14th Yomiuri Independent exhibition The 2nd Art Club exhibition, Shinjuku Daiichi Gallery

  • 1963

    第15回読売アンデパンダン展(東京都美術館 東京)
    The 15th Yomiuri Independent exhibition (Psy room)

  • 1963

    Yutaka Matsuzawa solo exhibition, according to Psy, Aoki gallery, Tokyo

  • 1964

    6月1日「オブジェを消せ」という啓示を受けて、6月4日美術を言葉だけ表現する観念芸術を創始。 荒野におけるアンデパンダン展‘64(七島八島高原ツンドラ地帯 長野) 個展「ああニルああ荒野におけるプサイの秘具体入水式 原型展」(内科画廊 東京、虚空間状況探知センター)垂れ幕
    June 1st, received a revelation: ‘Vanish all the objects’. After considering for 3 days, decided to start creating conceptual art only with language. Independent ’64, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo Independent ’64 in the deserted land, a conceptual exhibition only existed as an advertisement in an art magazine

  • 1965

    個展「ああニルああ荒野におけるプサイの秘具体入水式 松澤宥の〈反文明〉」(内科画廊 東京)
    Solo exhibition, Naika gallery, Tokyo (scattering of ‘Psy’s dead body pamphlets)

  • 1966

    作品:松澤宥憑衣(ヒョウイ、ヨリマシ)作品集 作品:人類よ消滅しよう行こう行こう 反文明委員会
    Published ‘Matsuzawa Yutaka Hyoui (possessed)’ in Bijutsu Techo magazine.  Solo exhibition ‘Matsuzawa Yutaka Everything Disappear’, Modern Art Center of Japan, Tokyo, with a Gendaibijutsu no Saiten (Contemporary Art Festival), Sakai, Osaka, in which a long banner with a message (Human beings, let’s disappear, let’s go, let’s go) was used for the first time. 

  • 1967

    表現の不自由展(村松画廊 東京)白い球(変容絵画) 湖に見せる根本絵画展 霧と霊に見せる絵画展(信州美ヶ原84魔の森にて仮想密儀) 第一次ハガキ絵画発信(虚空間状況探知センター)〜68
    Solo exhibition ‘9 canvases, 9 psy chairs and 9 methodologies in the super future’ at Azuma gallery, Kyoto, in which viewers were invited to sit on the chairs and imagine paintings in accordance to instructions on the wall. Hagaki Kaiga (postcard paintings) set of 12, a mail art project. Hyogen no Fujiyu (un-Freedom of Expression) ten in support of Akasegawa Genpei’s 1,000 yen court case. Exhibited ‘White circle’ painting. 

  • 1969

    個展:プサイの函(青木画廊 東京)プサイ函 根本絵画・白い円 美術という幻想の終焉展(信濃美術館 長野) 現代美術の動向展(京都国立近代美術館 京都)この一隅からー変化のために
    Psy Art Meeting in Suwa The 9th Gendai Nihon Bijutsu-ten, Met. Museum of Art, Tokyo (Psy gas chamber) Kaiga toiu genso no shuen (The End of Illusion named Painting), Shinano Art Museum, Nagano, the first group exhibition of conceptual art in Japan. 

  • 1970

    現代思潮社・美学校「美術演習」講師となる。   第10回日本国際美術展(東京ビエンナーレ〈人間と物質〉(東京都美術館) Art & Project(Art&Project 画廊 アムステルダム) 現代日本美術展(グッゲンハイム美術館 ニューヨーク)私の死(時間の中にのみ存在する絵画) 第二次ハガキ絵画発信(ヴァニシングス消滅事)〜71 第二次ハガキ絵画発信(ヴァニシングス消滅事)〜71 最終美術への招待展(長崎県立美術博物館 長崎)
    Started to teach ‘a workshop of the final art thoughts’ at Bigakko, an alternative art school in Tokyo (till 1980) Sold 1㎡ of land in Sensui-iri (a mountain behind his house in Suwa) for 1 psy yen to Stanley Brown. The 10th Tokyo Biennale ‘Between Human and Matter’ Met. Museum of Art, Tokyo and Guggenheim Museum, NY (My death) Nirvana- for the final art, Kyoto City Art Museum, Kyoto (Free Commune) Art & Project Bulletin #21 (also solo show at Art & Project gallery, Amsterdam) The 2nd Hagaki Kaiga (postcard paintings) set of 12, mail art project. 

  • 1972

    ’72 Documenta(カッセル)
    Documenta ’72 (‘Psy Mandala’ executed by Yoshio Nakajima)

  • 1979

    観念美術の創始によりアカデミア・ティベリーナ(ローマ)の永久会員に推挙される。 パフォーマンス:「白鳥よ」(モント・ゼー湖 オーストリア) 
    Performed ‘Swan song’ at Montsee, Austria Multimedia International, University of Sao Paolo Mail Art : Japan-Italia, Deutsch Cultural Center, Kyoto 

  • 1982

    第一回現代芸術展 滝口修造と戦後美術(富山県立近代美術館)
    The First Contemporary Art Exhibition: Shuzo Takiguchi and Postwar Art (The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama)

  • 1983

    「松澤宥 ψの函」(造形社)刊行 個展:「ψの函とそのオリジン展」(岡崎球子画廊 東京)
    Published "Appeasement of Matsuzawa: Box of ψ" (Zoukei-sha) Solo Exhibition: "Box of ψ and its Origin" (Okazaki Tamako Gallery, Tokyo)

  • 1987

     個展:「第一回JAPAN牛窓国際芸術祭 参加作品より」(なるせ村田画廊 町田)
    Solo Exhibition: "From Works Participated in the First JAPAN Ushimado International Art Festival" (Naruse Murata Gallery, Machida) Declaration of Quantum Art

  • 1988

     藤原和通「音」についての展覧会(岡崎球子画廊 東京) 量子芸術宣言
    Exhibition about "Sound" by Kazumichi Fujiwara (Okazaki Tamako Gallery, Tokyo)

  • 1990

    神奈川県湯口沢に瞑想台が遷る。 個展「(量子芸術へ向けて)方便九」(岡崎球子画廊 東京) 「(量子芸術へ向けて)方便九」刊行(岡崎球子画廊) Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing
    Meditation Table moved to Yuguchizawa, Kanagawa Prefecture. Solo Exhibition, "Toward Quantum Art" (Tamako Okazaki Gallery, Tokyo) Published "Towards Quantum Art" (Tamako Okazaki Gallery, Tokyo) Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing

  • 1992

    個展:「量子芸術宣言」(岡崎球子画廊 東京)      「量子芸術宣言」刊行 『悲しむべき空白』の時代にあって(砂盃ベルイマージュ美術館 群馬) :人類よ消滅しよう行こう行こう(墨書とチラシ)
    Solo Exhibition: "Declaration of Quantum Art" (Tamako Okazaki Gallery, Tokyo) Publication of "Declaration of Quantum Art In the Age of "Grievous Void" (Sunabai Beluimage Museum, Gunma)

  • 1993

    対話展:「松澤宥+村岡三郎〈精神と物質〉」(岡崎球子画廊) 個展:「ミメントゥ・モーライ 死を念え」(山口県立美術館 山口)
    Dialogue Exhibition: "Yutaka Matsuzawa + Saburo Muraoka (Spirit and Matter)" (Okazaki Kyuko Gallery) Solo Exhibition: "Mimento Morai, Remember Death" (Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamaguchi)

  • 1995

    個展:第一回一作展(ミュセウム・ハウス・カスヤ 横須賀) 
    Solo Exhibition: The First Issaku Exhibition (Museum House Kasuya, Yokosuka)

  • 1996

    日本の美術-よみがえる1964年(東京都現代美術館 東京) 作品:プサイの死体遺体(チラシ1964)
    Japanese Art: Reviving 1964 (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo)

  • 1997

    Solo Exhibition: "Spiritualism" (Tokyo) Solo Exhibition: "Towards Spiritualism: Appeasement of Matsuzawa 195 1997 Solo Exhibition: "Towards Spiritualism", Yutaka Matsuzawa 1954-1997, Saito Kinen Kawaguchi Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo